Save The Redneck: It’s A Movement!
Posted on 04.23.09 by Danny Glover @ 7:58 pm

Thanks to the power of Google news alerts, a press release about a grassroots group called Save the Redneck found its way to my e-mail box.

Like me, the group is irked at elitist actress Janeane Garofalo for her bigoted rant about rednecks at last week’s anti-tax “tea parties.” Save the Redneck wants an apology from her.

“We are proud of our redneck culture and do not want to see it stereotyped or attacked. We are striving to bring awareness to, and change, this unacceptable behavior,” group co-founder Crit Callebs said. “Our aim is to set the record straight and celebrate everything positive about being a redneck.”

I won’t hold my breath for Garofalo to apologize, but I’m glad to see others are fighting the good redneck fight. I’m part of a movement and didn’t even know it!

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The ‘Enlightened’ vs. The ‘Rednecks’
Posted on 02.14.09 by Danny Glover @ 4:13 pm

A couple of weeks ago, a supposedly “enlightened” family from San Francisco and a clan of “rednecks” from Missouri voluntarily subjected themselves to each others’ ways of life for an episode of the ABC reality show “Wife Swap.” The clash of cultures brilliantly illustrated the contempt heaped upon rednecks across the land.

The rednecks in the show, Alan and Gayla Long and their kids, had their bad moments. I’m thinking in particular of when Alan Long grilled his temporary wife about her patriotism and derided housework as “skirt work,” and when Gayla Long called her temporary husband’s British accent “annoying.”

But the sophisticates in the show, Stephen Fowler and Renee Stephens, had far more bad moments. They were so bad to the bone that the rare excesses of the Longs were barely memorable.

Stephen Fowler was the by far the worst. He was such a jerk that even an elitist publication like the Silicon Valley gossip blog Valleywag spoke ill of his boorish behavior.

“He was phenomenally cruel to Gayla, giving her the silent treatment for much of her stay,” Valleywag noted. “When he did talk to her, he managed to insult, among dozens of groups, fat people — the fat people who pay his wife money to make them not fat.”

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What Is An Enlightened Redneck?
Posted on 01.27.09 by Danny Glover @ 8:46 pm

You may be asking yourself that question if you’re new to this blog, so this post is designed to give you the answers. You can find the same answers in the category titled “An Enlightened Redneck …“, but I thought it would helpful to new readers to pull all of those links into one post and feature it more prominently.

So here, then, are my answers to the burning question on all of your minds:

An enlightened redneck …

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Who Is The Enlightened Redneck?
Posted on 12.15.08 by Danny Glover @ 8:57 pm

My given name is Keith Daniel Glover, but I’ve been known as Danny Glover most of my life. I write under the byline “K. Daniel Glover,” but somehow I still occasionally get the hate mail of the actor who shares my name. Read my blog post “A Boy Named Danny … Or Is It Keith” for the scoop on my many names.

I’m a native of West Virginia (the redneck in me) who has been a journalist in the nation’s capital for nearly 20 years (that makes me “enlightened”). Although I work in the Washington area, I live outside the Beltway and, like all good rednecks, think inside the box.

My plan was to work a couple of years inside the Beltway to add some meat to my resume, but I’ve been stuck here since 1991. Now I’m married with three children, and no one in the family but me gets that West Virginia is the better Virginia. The good news is that the longer I stay, the more material I’ll have for this blog — and my memoir.

The views here are mine alone.

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Rednecks Rule
Posted on 12.15.08 by Danny Glover @ 6:58 pm

Editor’s Note: This blog has been in the making in my mind for at least a decade, so I’m going to get it started with an unpublished essay I wrote in May 1999. It offers some insight into my thinking about rednecks.

By K. Daniel Glover

I went to the United Nations in New York City a couple of months ago, and while whetting my intellectual appetite with a smorgasbord of world affairs morsels dispensed by the likes of U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan, I had what those snooty New Yorkers would call an epiphany.

Here is my great insight into the human race after two days of briefings on human rights, world population and the United States’ international role: Rednecks rule in this wacky world we occupy, even in an arena as distinguished as the United Nations.

I reached that conclusion in, of all places, the 10th floor restroom of the U.N. headquarters, where there, taped to the inside of the bathroom stall, was a sign that read, “Gentlemen dispose of toilet paper properly. Let’s keep the restroom clean.”

The same sign undoubtedly would have read differently in, say, my home state of West Virginia — perhaps something like, “Put your trash in the toilet, boys, not on the floor. This ain’t no outhouse.” But whatever the words, the sign sends the same message: Don’t matter where you live or how highfalutin a job you have, you’ve probably got a wee bit of redneck in ya just waitin’ to get out.

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A Boy Named Danny … Or Is It Keith
Posted on 10.19.08 by Danny Glover @ 7:35 pm

By K. Daniel Glover

One of the lamer storylines to emerge from the ongoing “Joe The Plumber” media feeding frenzy is the accusation that his name isn’t even Joe.

Newsflash, folks: My name isn’t really Danny Glover, either. Danny is my — wait for it — nickname. And like Joe Wurzelbacher, who is actually named Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, the name I answer to is based on my middle name (Daniel), not my first name (Keith).

Ahhhhhhhh, that felt great! I’ve been keeping that secret for years. Now it’s out there and I don’t have to worry about liberal bloggers and their parrots in the mainstream media unleashing their hounds after “Danny The Enlightened Redneck.”

I have so many aliases and bylines that I can’t remember them all. When we adopted our children, I was nervous that we would be denied a family if I didn’t list every name I had ever used on the paperwork for the background checks.

It was only a matter of time before some enterprising journalist exposed me. I’ve had visions of being grilled before a congressional inquisition and having to answer question after question: I don’t remember … I don’t recall … I have no recollection.

Stop the badgering! My name is Danny!

Thanks to Joe The Plumber, I don’t have to live that nightmare any longer. He has inspired me to tell the whole sordid story of my many names, so here goes:

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