Tracking The Trout Truck
Posted on 05.03.17 by Danny Glover @ 8:57 pm

I had no idea that some of my fellow West Virginians track trout trucks to game the fish-stocking process, let alone that the problem is severe enough to warrant regulation for safety reasons:

It is not uncommon for [hatchery] personnel to arrive at a stream to deposit fish and have 15 to 20 people sitting there and waiting on the stock truck. The advancement of the smart phone and rapid communication along with social media is also fueling what has been a longtime problem. … It has been so bad, they’ve been struck in the face by flying lures and treble hooks.

These “fishermen” are like “hunters” who bait game. They’re lazy, and they give enlightened rednecks a bad name.

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The Dangers Of ‘Butt Chugging’
Posted on 09.26.12 by Danny Glover @ 4:05 pm

I attended a university with a storied reputation as one of the nation’s top party schools — sadly, we reclaimed the No. 1 spot this year — but I had the good sense to avoid the party scene and the people who loved it. In other words, I kept my distance from fraternity row.

Stories like this, which make it tough to rebut redneck stereotypes, remind me why:

Campus police went to the student’s fraternity house, Pi Kappa Alpha (aka Pike), to find out [why he had a deadly blood-alcohol content of nearly .40]. They found at least three males passed out — and this scene, as described by a Knoxville police spokesman in a Monday statement that was obtained by The [Washington] Post:

“Upon extensive questioning it is believed that members of the fraternity were utilizing rubber tubing inserted into their rectums as a conduit for alcohol, as the abundance of capillaries and blood vessels present greatly heightens the level and speed of the alcohol entering the blood stream as it bypasses the filtering by the liver.”

If you ask me, every way to get drunk (or drinking booze in general) is stupid. But “butt chugging” definitely rises to a new level of stupidity. As Hot Air blogger Ed Morrissey noted on Twitter: “I thought I knew every stupid way to get drunk. Sadly, I was mistaken.”

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Census Of The Confederacy
Posted on 03.27.10 by Danny Glover @ 2:19 pm

It’s time for another induction into the “Redneck Hall of Shame.” This time the dishonor goes to the outside-the-box thinkers at the Southern Legal Resource Center, who, with a straight face, are telling Southerners to claim their heritage as “Confederate Southern Americans” on their census forms. Why? So they can qualify for protection under civil rights law:

“We can start the process to give the southern community here in America a voice again, so that our concerns will be heard, and so that we will stop being harassed and persecuted because we are proud of our southern and Confederate ancestry.”

It’s true that many Southerners are unfairly ridiculed, usually with the all-encompassing insult “redneck” that inspired this blog. But to argue that such attacks qualify as harassment and persecution that qualifies for federal protection is bizarre — especially coming from a group that can’t let go of the Confederate flag. Characters like that need a heavy dose of enlightenment.

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The Redneck Winter Olympics
Posted on 02.26.10 by Danny Glover @ 12:04 pm

It’s time for another addition to the “Redneck Hall of Shame.” This time, it’s the entire Canadian women’s hockey team for the total lack of class and sportsmanship they showed after defeating the United States 2-0 yesterday to win gold.

The women of the Canadian hockey team politely accepted their gold medals and waved to an adoring crowd. And then the real celebration began.

More than half an hour after they beat the United States 2-0 on Thursday, the players came back from the locker room and staged a party on ice - swigging from bottles of champagne, guzzling beer and smoking cigars. …

Meghan Agosta and Marie-Philip Poulin posed wearing goofy grins. Rebecca Johnston actually tried to drive the ice-resurfacing machine. Haley Irwin poured champagne into the mouth of Tessa Bonhomme, gold medals swinging from both their necks.

The celebration raised eyebrows at the IOC, which said it would look into the matter. Informed of the antics by the Associated Press, Gilbert Felli, the IOC’s executive director of the Olympic Games, said it was “not what we want to see.”

Other entrants into the “Redneck Hall of Shame” courtesy of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia: U.S. half-pipe bronze medalist Scotty Lago, who left town after racy celebration photos surfaced; and Canadian Jon Montgomery, who after winning gold in the skeleton race “marched triumphantly through the town, guzzling beer straight from the pitcher.”

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The Confederate Flag: A Symbol Of Idiocy
Posted on 02.20.10 by Danny Glover @ 12:26 pm

I wish Southerners would abandon their obsession with the Confederate flag as the best symbol of their heritage because too many racists have made it a symbol of idiocy, and their bad behavior is giving rednecks a bad name.

The latest example is the anonymous loser in South Carolina who planted the flag in the yard of James Case and his wife, an interracial couple. The loser is the newest dishonoree in the “Redneck Hall of Shame.”

Brian Hicks, a columnist at The Post and Courier, rightly took him to task in print:

With a thing like this, people quickly make up their minds. If it walks like a redneck and talks like a redneck, it must be a redneck — what other motive could there be?

So whoever you geniuses are, thanks for perpetuating ugly stereotypes about South Carolina. Just when we thought we were out, they pull us back in. …

“I’m sure the flag is not racist to a lot of people,” Case said. “But when it’s used like that, I don’t think there is any other interpretation.”

That’s exactly right. Not everyone who is interested in, or commemorates, our state’s history is a racist. But anyone who would do this most assuredly is. There is a big difference, and it’s something more people need to realize.

True rednecks need to realize it more than anyone and loudly condemn everyone who uses the Confederate flag to make a racist statement. And think twice about using the flag at all. Like it or not, the flag has been forever tarnished because of the racists who embraced it as a symbol of segregation.

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Redneck Hall Of Shame
Posted on 11.19.09 by Danny Glover @ 2:00 pm

The mission of this blog is to combat the myth that “redneck” is a synonym for “idiot,” “racist,” “ignoramus” or any other number of insults. But the world has enough unenlightened rednecks to make that a challenging mission.

Rather than pretend that such people don’t exist, I’ve decided to induct them into the new “Redneck Hall of Shame.” Here are the first three dishonorees:

  • Jonathon Michael Miller and Stephen Ray Dilley II. Sarah Palin these Alaskans ain’t. They were charged with felony assault and reckless endangerment for setting a 5-year-old boy’s head on fire with a self-described “redneck flamethrower.”
  • Bill Otto. The Republican state lawmaker from Kansas caused a ruckus last month when he recorded a “redneck rap” critical of President Obama while wearing a hat that said “Opossum: The Other Dark Meat.” The Kansas NAACP demanded an apology; he refused to apologize. I don’t think Otto is racist or used the word “dark” on his hat as a reference to Obama, but enlightened rednecks have enough sense to realize people might leap to wrong conclusions.

Check the “Redneck Hall Of Shame” category for more losers in the future. And all of you enlightened rednecks out there, please send your nominations. Shame is the best medicine for curing all that ails the redneck community.

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