Joe Biden’s Shotgun vs. The AR-15
Posted on 02.26.13 by Danny Glover @ 11:01 pm

Vice President Joe Biden made news last week for advising American women to “buy a shotgun” for protection instead of an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle with a high-capacity magazine — the kind of gun Biden and others want to ban.

You don’t need an AR-15 — it’s harder to aim, it’s harder to use, and in fact you don’t need 30 rounds to protect yourself. … Buy a shotgun,” Biden said. “Buy a shotgun.”

Let’s put that theory to a video test and see what happens:

No wonder the woman who asked the question that prompted Biden’s response called it “sexist” and “the poorest advice he could give anyone.”

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Why We Home-School, Lesson #45
Posted on 02.23.13 by Danny Glover @ 9:32 pm

We don’t want our children to have to wonder whether they’re sharing bathrooms with boys who think they’re girls or girls who think they’re boys.

That’s precisely the scenario students in Massachusetts (and their disapproving parents) now face thanks to rules that refuse to acknowledge gender realities:

Public school officials said on Saturday that they are ready to implement new state guidelines that allow transgender students to use bathrooms and play on sports teams designated for their preferred genders, among other provisions. The state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education released the guidelines on Friday, following passage of a Massachusetts law that took effect in July barring discrimination of transgender students in public schools.

“[We're] going to have to go to individual rooms to keep things from getting out of hand or uncomfortable for someone any way you look at it,” a Facebook friend of mine noted. All the more reason to home-school, where individual bathrooms are the norm.

(Read previous “Why We Home-School” lessons.)

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‘Crazy Rednecks’ On Python Patrol
Posted on 02.09.13 by Danny Glover @ 5:50 pm

Destructive Burmese pythons have invaded the Florida Everglades, and state officials determined to protect the habitat decided the problem is bad enough to warrant a 30-day open season. The result: “crazy rednecks running around with guns, knives, swords and bats” to kill the nasty snakes.

Or at least that’s how the reptile-loving elitists who live with snakes and alligators and other creatures in Florida year round see the Python Challenge that is about to end.

Snooty university snake researchers apparently feel the same way. “Look at all the yahoos coming down here,” one of them said when explaining why the Python Challenge has been a bit of a bust.

To put this episode of redneck- and yahoo-bashing in ironic perspective, let’s take a closer look at one of the members of the South Florida Herpetological Society mentioned in the first story linked above:

At the Grunwald home, it is not uncommon on cold days for the family to bring some of the wildlife indoors. The smaller crocodiles, for instance, very much enjoy splashing around in the family bathtub. Fred’s 16-year-old granddaughter, Brooke, spent her childhood sharing bathrooms with crocodiles, a practice that left her wondering as a child why the other girls in town were apprehensive about coming to her slumber parties.

Speaking of sleepovers, Brooke tells me that on one particularly cold night years ago, one of their Caiman crocs found its way into Fred’s bed, where they “cuddled” comfortably through the night.

Talk about throwing stones from glass houses! People who cuddle with Caiman crocodiles and play with snakes for a living really have no credibility to be hurling insults at python-hunting rednecks.

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Obama: Look At Me, I Shoot Skeet!
Posted on 02.02.13 by Danny Glover @ 3:53 pm

Millions of Americans fear that President Obama is going to infringe their Second Amendment right to bear arms. Guns and ammunition have been selling so fast that Walmart is now rationing them to address the demand.

Obama wants to restrict access to guns, but he first he has to win the PR battle. That’s why he’s talking about how he shoots skeet “all the time” at Camp David — and why he released a photo to appease the skeptics who doubt that claim.


Sorry, Mr. President, firing a shotgun occasionally won’t earn you any street cred among rednecks who cling to their guns ever tighter when politicians like you start plotting to weaken gun rights. You’re no Paul Ryan.

Update: The picture of Obama as skeet-shooter-in-chief is great ammunition for Photoshop fun. Here are a couple of spoofs from my Facebook news feed today:

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