Supreme Court Defeats Obamacare
Posted on 06.29.12 by Danny Glover @ 12:40 pm

Speaking of Obamacare, this clever photographic mash-up is making the rounds online, forever memorializing CNN’s goof in reporting that the Supreme Court overturned the mandate that all Americans buy health insurance:

The photo is based on this celebrated historical photo of President Harry Truman proudly displaying a newspaper that reported his defeat when he actually won re-election in 1948:

But what I really love about the Obama-as-Truman photo is that my name (by way of the actor who shares it) found its way into the story: “The mash-up was made by a dude who was punched in the face by Danny Glover when he worked for us.”

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We The People vs. Obamacare
Posted on 06.29.12 by Danny Glover @ 11:52 am

The Supreme Court ruled Obamacare constitutional yesterday and the sun still came up today. Funny how that works.

Now if you don’t want five justices deciding the fate of this country, stay angry, work for candidates who will represent your views and vote in November. Today is the day the whining stops and the work begins. This is a democracy. We are the people. Do something about it.

Don’t be a victim of bad politics, bad policy and bad leadership. Demand better!

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Why We Home-School, Lesson #44
Posted on 06.12.12 by Danny Glover @ 1:41 pm

We don’t want to ruin our children’s lives — and that’s exactly what one college professor in Florida predicts will happen to U.S. students whose parents entrust them to public schools rather than making the noble sacrifice of educating their children at home.

His arguments against public schools:

  • The educational bureaucracy has stripped teachers of the ability to effectively teach anything other than standardized tests.
  • Today’s public schools are a hostile learning environment that includes everything from extreme bullying to teacher-student sexual misconduct.
  • Teachers’ unions that protect bad teachers are a roadblock to education reform.
  • The public education system “is one of the worst forms of monopoly power” because it denies poor parents the option of getting their children into better schools.

That’s four lessons on why we home-school rolled into one from an educator whose own two children learn at home. And here’s a bonus: “The home-education movement has unleashed the forces of capitalism in such a way that anyone can find dozens of types of curricula for any grade level to help educate their kids in areas where one might not be an expert.”

(Read previous “Why We Home-School” lessons.)

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Dear Graduate: ‘You’re Not Special’
Posted on 06.12.12 by Danny Glover @ 11:20 am

It took a sincere English teacher to tell the seniors at his high school what no political or celebrity commencement speaker ever would: “You’re not special.”

David McCullough Jr., whose only claim to fame before this month was being the son of renowned historian David McCullough Sr., delivered that message repeatedly and profoundly at Wellesley High School’s graduation ceremony June 1, and he is earning kudos for his honesty toward “pampered” students.

Here are excerpts of McCullough’s speech:

Your ceremonial costume — shapeless, uniform, one size fits all. Whether male or female, tall or short, scholar or slacker, spray-tanned prom queen or intergalactic X-Box assassin, each of you is dressed, you’ll notice, exactly the same. And your diploma, but for your name, exactly the same. All of this is as it should be because none of you is special.

You are not special. You are not exceptional. Contrary to what your U9 soccer trophy suggests, your glowing seventh-grade report card, despite every assurance of a certain corpulent purple dinosaur, that nice Mister Rogers and your batty Aunt Sylvia, no matter how often your maternal caped crusader has swooped in to save you, you’re nothing special.

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The United States Of Profanity
Posted on 06.11.12 by Danny Glover @ 12:35 pm

This morning as I rounded the corner to depart the Metro station in our nation’s capital, the man behind me uttered a four-letter word devoid of any apparent context. For a moment, I wondered what I had done to offend him, and then I looked forward and realized why he cursed. Both escalators were broken, so he was going to have to walk up 72 steps to get to the street level.

My first thought was that his vulgar, one-word outburst is proof that America truly is plagued by an “obesity epidemic.” We’re so fat and lazy that we can’t even bear the thought of walking up the stairs. But another thought came to me as I read an article about how coarse our discourse has become. People are cursing so much that government officials feel compelled to punish it:

[Middleborough, Mass., Police Chief Bruce Gates] is asking citizens to vote at the annual town meeting on Monday to flush potty mouths by granting police the power to issue $20 civil tickets to anyone who publicly “accosts” another person verbally with profanity.

He isn’t targeting ordinary swears, like an understandable expletive uttered after a Red Sox loss. He said he is aiming at offenses like “profane language at some attractive female walking through town.” His officers patrol on bikes and can already give tickets for public drinking, rubbish thrown in streets and more. Cursing is another “quality of life” issue, he said. …

Middleborough isn’t the only place, by golly, where officials want to effectively wash citizens’ mouths out with soap. In April, work at the Alabama Legislature turned a little off-color when a lobbyist allegedly verbally took a lawmaker to the woodshed after a vote. So for the first time ever, legislators issued a formal reprimand for cursing, saying the lobbyist violated Rule 27 pertaining to “the honor of the legislative process.”

Arizona state senators in February debated legislation that would have banned public-school and college instructors from any swear word not allowed on broadcast television. The bill died after much discussion. And counties from Los Angeles to Mobile, Ala., have declared “no cussing week” in recent years.

Language isn’t the only evidence of a country headed over a cliff into the abyss of spiritually defiant vulgarity. At our 12-year-old son’s soccer tournament over the weekend, I saw the kind of soccer mom who gives rednecks a bad name. She had a bare-breasted woman tattooed onto the back of her right shoulder — a shoulder that she proudly bared so hundreds of young children could see her body porn. She’s an embarrassment to soccer Moms, all Moms and all womankind, and sadly, she doesn’t care.

We can’t regulate bad words and bad behavior like hers out of existence, nor should we necessarily even try. But decent people who say nothing as filth continues to saturate American culture — and parents who tolerate it among or, worse, teach it to their children — should be ashamed.

We, the people, have allowed a great nation to become the United States of Profanity, and only we can steer our children and our country onto a more wholesome path.

UPDATE, 6/12: Residents of Middleborough voted 183-50 for the fines on public profanity. Ideally, Americans would take the hint and wash their own mouths out with soap so their neighbors or the government don’t feel compelled to act. But that’s unlikely.

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