Hayek vs. Keynes: An Econ 101 Rap
Posted on 01.25.10 by Danny Glover @ 6:54 pm

I had trouble grasping basic economics in college when I had a professor who covered the subject slowly and tediously. Whose bright idea was it to try to explain it in a rapid-fire rap video pitting free-market capitalist Friedrich August von Hayek against John Maynard Keynes, whose economic theories gave us modern big government?

Clever, yes, and mildly entertaining. I certainly enjoyed the video more than the 8:30 a.m. Econ 101 I skipped almost every day after the professor told the class that he wouldn’t be lecturing about anything we couldn’t get from the textbook and that we didn’t have to attend except on test days.

But I’m no more enlightened after watching it than I was before. The video, produced by Econ Stories for George Mason University’s Mercatus Center, is at least four minutes too long to gain much traction online; the music is so loud that it distracts from the educational message; and the characters rap too fast for the intellectual message to be absorbed.

That’s 7-1/2 minutes of my life I’ll never get back. The things I do for this blog!

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The Big Lie: ‘Excellent Salary And Benefits’
Posted on 01.23.10 by Danny Glover @ 6:57 pm

I just saw a new posting for a job that I interviewed for two weeks ago. The ad boasts that the job offers “excellent salary and benefits.”

I’ve always known that was a meaningless claim in theory, and now I know it in practice. This is the same company where the human resources chief was literally stunned when I quoted a salary that would have been a 10 percent pay cut for me. I know all too well how bad the media market is right now and am willing to take a pay cut for the right job. But that’s not enough for some companies.

“Wow, that’s way outside the range we were looking at,” the HR woman said. In other words, “excellent salary and benefits” is in the eyes of the employer, not the job candidate with 20 years of experience.

It’s all a big lie and false advertising at its worst.

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Michelle Obama’s Fake Food
Posted on 01.14.10 by Danny Glover @ 10:34 am

Politicians — and apparently their wives, too — just can’t help themselves. They don’t know how to be genuine. When even their food is fake, you know everything is phony.

So it was with first lady Michelle Obama and her appearance on “Iron Chef of America,” a supposed “reality” series on the Food Network:

The produce used on the Food Network’s Jan. 3 Iron Chef of America two-hour special White House show was billed as being from the White House garden. But the show did not disclose that “stunt double vegetables” were used and not produce from the First Family’s garden.

… Viewers were not explicitly told that the vegetables in “Kitchen Stadium” were not the ones they had seen the chefs harvest. Various participants in the show misled viewers with references to “using radishes from the White House garden” and other similar mentions. Except for the honey, no food on the show came from the White House.

Mrs. Obama’s East Wing told me the vegetables picked at the White House garden that day in October were donated to a local food kitchen, so nothing went to waste. The week between the harvest the cook-off was due to “scheduling/technical” reasons.

OK, to be fair, Michelle Obama isn’t to blame for this episode of phoniness. All vegetable decisions were made by the network to fit its schedule. But the revelation (via Michelle Malkin) doesn’t make the first lady look good.

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Man’s Best Earthquake Friend
Posted on 01.14.10 by Danny Glover @ 10:03 am

Before the devastating Haiti earthquake, a smaller rumbling within Earth’s core hit Northern California. Video from a newsroom in the area captured a dog sensing the quake before it was noticeable to her owner and the man’s colleagues. Here’s the clip:

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The Haiti Earthquake In Action
Posted on 01.14.10 by Danny Glover @ 9:50 am

CBS News posted to YouTube raw video footage of Tuesday’s 7.0 earthquake in Haiti as it happened. One minute there is calm, and the next, buildings collapse.

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The Phone Book Congress
Posted on 01.08.10 by Danny Glover @ 12:37 pm

Congress is so evil that nearly half of Americans would rather pick their representatives randomly from a phone book than let the current bunch of hooligans continue to run roughshod over the country.

It’s a sad state of affairs when voters are so disenchanted with politicians that they are willing to leave governance to chance. I’m not that angry yet — but I may be soon.

(Hat tip to Don Surber)

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Up Close And Personal With The Humpback
Posted on 01.08.10 by Danny Glover @ 12:05 pm

You might be an enlightened redneck … if your idea of a good time is paddling a tiny kayak into close range of feeding humpback whales so you can snap pictures of them.

“I have only a split second to decide whether I should either have my camera in my hands or my paddle to take evasive action,” Duncan Murrell said of his creative whaling expeditions.

See the full gallery of 10 photos at The Telegraph.

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The Era Of ‘Husky’ Kids
Posted on 01.08.10 by Danny Glover @ 10:58 am

I’m not a fan of oats, National brand or otherwise, unless they are in cookies. But I managed to fulfill National Oats’ goal of becoming a “husky” kid just the same.

That’s a good thing, right?

(Hat tip to Instapundit)

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White-Collar Welfare
Posted on 01.07.10 by Danny Glover @ 2:03 pm

I appreciate the appeal of federal employment. I have applied for many government jobs, and interviewed for a few, during my two decades inside the Beltway, and I would still love to land one.

Government work offers the kind of job security and loyalty to employees that have all but disappeared in the private sector. Government benefits, including pensions that are rare in the business world these days, tend to be better, too.

But like Melissa Clouthier, I hate to see that the number of government workers surpassed the number of goods-producing workers in the private sector in the last decade — and the gap is widening.

The trend has paved the way for white-collar welfare. People who don’t want to lose their cushy jobs are more likely to vote in ways that secure their own futures rather than the future of the country as a whole.

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Barack Obama As The Godfather
Posted on 01.05.10 by Danny Glover @ 10:34 pm

Glenn Reynolds spotted a surprisingly unflattering picture of President Obama on the White House Flickr page over the weekend and posted it to Instapundit. His post sparked a heated debate about the president’s body language and, predictably for the left, which sees every criticism of Obama in black and white, whether Reynolds was racist for posting it.

The blog fight was way too serious for me, so I held my tongue for once. This video, inspired by the picture that started it all, is more my speed:

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