The Caffeinated Mob
Posted on 09.30.09 by Danny Glover @ 8:55 am

Now we know why those town halls of August were so hostile. The angry mobs were high on caffeine from pumping Starbucks coffee into their bodies.

The ad strikes me as a smart play by Starbucks. It pokes gentle fun at enlightened rednecks who know how to laugh at themselves.

As Allahpundit said at Hot Air: “Mediaite does its best to stoke some outrageous outrage but I’m not feeling it. What’s ‘risky’ about this? If they had the guy carrying an AR-15 or an “Obama = Hitler” sign, that would be one thing, but only in Nancy Pelosi’s tender mind does shouting indicate [Timothy] McVeigh-ish radicalism.”

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Brian Nutting: CQ Scapegoat
Posted on 09.30.09 by Danny Glover @ 8:11 am

When Brian Nutting took a stand for quality journalism last week at Congressional Quarterly, I feared that my former (and favorite) boss would lose his job as a result. Sadly, he has.

Roll Call Group, the heartless and gutless new owner of CQ, reportedly fired Nutting because he wouldn’t apologize to his new masters for doing what journalists are supposed to do — ask tough questions and demand answers to them.

The decision to fire Brian is another blow to CQ’s quickly sinking reputation as a company that cares more about journalistic quality and integrity than profit.

Thanks, Brian, for helping mold me into the journalist I am. You did the old CQ we both knew and loved proud. And thanks for defending your colleagues.

You did the right thing last week by taking that stand and the right thing this week by not apologizing. The fact that you willingly put yourself in a position where you would not receive severance proves you to be a man of the kind of character that CQ needs. It’s a shame the new owners are so blinded by greed that they can’t see that.

You are, indeed, a journalist with guts. All of us who ever worked with you admire that.

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America’s ‘Intellectually Constipated’ Colleges
Posted on 09.29.09 by Danny Glover @ 10:58 am

If America were everything it should be, free speech would be thriving on college campuses. Instead, politically correct administrators and professors across the country stifle speech regularly.

A case in point: Marquette University forced a student to remove a quote by newspaper humor columnist Dave Barry from his door. What subversive, radical statement did Barry make?

As Americans we must always remember that we all have a common enemy, an enemy that is dangerous, powerful and relentless. I refer, of course, to the federal government.

It’s clear from that quote that Barry is a racist redneck and part of the angry mob that has been fomenting rebellion across the land.

No wonder Marquette felt compelled to ban his quote! His crime was almost as heinous as the insensitivity Rutgers University showed to all Irishmen by serving Lucky Charms, a sugary cereal that embraces stereotypes.

But seriously, here’s what Barry had to say when the Foundation for Individual Rights asked his thoughts about his column being banned by Marquette:

I just don’t know what has happened to the universities. … The least-free area of thought left in the United States seems to be the universities. The one place where you’d think free thought and free speech and conflict of ideas would be most encouraged has somehow become the most restricted and constricted and just constipated, intellectually constipated, area of American life.

Watch the whole FIRE interview with Barry — and kudos to him for taking a break from humor writing to defend free speech in America:

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Morons On The Internet
Posted on 09.27.09 by Danny Glover @ 3:55 pm

The Internet is a force for good or evil, depending on who’s making the connection. Lots of “morons” trying to score political points at the expense of truth have been online lately.

Which brings us to the quote of the day:

You’d be surprised what some of these morons write on the Internet … that they wouldn’t say to somebody’s face.

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Heroic Husband Jumps Bank Robber
Posted on 09.25.09 by Danny Glover @ 12:39 pm

A 23-year-old man picked the wrong time to rob a bank in Milwaukee. As the hooded thief was about to leave, a husband worried about his wife jumped the crook from behind and dragged him to the ground.

My favorite part comes at the 47-second mark of the video, where a female customer (presumably the wife of the heroic husband) walks up and kicks the thief while he is restrained on the ground. That would be police brutality if an officer did it, but I say it’s fair game in a Gomer Pyle-style citizen’s arrest.

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Brian Nutting Takes A Stand At CQ
Posted on 09.24.09 by Danny Glover @ 5:43 pm

I came to Washington in 1991 as a reporter for a weekly newsletter at Congressional Quarterly. Brian Nutting, then the top editor at the later renamed CQ Monitor, was my boss. Nearly two decades later, I still consider him the best boss and journalistic mentor I’ve had.

That’s why I was thrilled today to see Brian take a bold, and inevitably public, stand for his colleagues.

CQ has a storied tradition as a company that values nonpartisan, insightful journalism over profit. For decades it functioned as a nonprofit arm of privately owned Times Publishing Company out of St. Petersburg, Fla. Everyone who worked there knew CQ was a different breed of journalism organization — and appreciated the CQ brand.

Those days are over. Times Publishing Company sold out this year by selling CQ to the profit-hungry Economist Group, which also owns Roll Call. Today, the new CQ started acting like a company that cares more about money than the most thorough coverage of Washington possible by announcing the layoffs of a whopping 44 people in the newsroom (see a running list).

That’s what prompted Brian to ask pointed questions. Here’s an excerpt from an e-mail he sent to CQ’s leaders and copied to the entire newsroom, courtesy of FishbowlDC:

In July, when the sale of CQ was announced, we were told that both Roll Call and CQ are profitable.

We were told that the Economist and CQ had many shared values.
We were told that “there is a higher purpose to what we do.”
We were told that the people in the company were highly valued.

And now this.

What possible justification can there be for throwing people out of their jobs simply to make MORE money?

I won’t be surprised if Brian, the senior editor of votes in the news department, now becomes a target of the hatchet men at CQ. But good on him for defending both his colleagues and the company’s historical mission.

The news does not bode well for the CQ brand.

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Why We Home-School, Lesson #20
Posted on 09.23.09 by Danny Glover @ 10:50 pm

We don’t want our children being forced to watch one-sided presentations of policy debates while in anatomy class:

[H]er anatomy teacher had made the class watch the president’s health-care speech. After the video was shown, the students were given a short quiz about the speech. The questions asked gave the assumption that the answers provided in the President’s speech were fact and not opinion.

The students were given no opportunity to discuss opposing views or have a debate on the topic. In fact, when one student stated that the President had lied, the student was told that kind of talk was unnecessary. Students in the class with opposing views were forced to remain silent or whisper amongst themselves.

Anatomy class is supposed to be about dissecting earthworms and frogs, not dissecting the president’s half-truths about health care in America.

Civics class is the appropriate forum for discussing presidential speeches — and if education rather than indoctrination is the goal, then both sides should be aired. Republicans delivered a response to Obama the same night of his speech to Congress. One of them didn’t even wait until it was over.

(Read previous “Why We Home-School” lessons.)

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Baby Laughter, The Best Medicine
Posted on 09.23.09 by Danny Glover @ 8:09 am

If you’re feeling blue today, watch this video and you’re spirits will be lifted, guaranteed:

Being the parents of quadruplets, and all boys at that, has to be an exhausting lifestyle, but precious moments like that make it all worthwhile.

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Joy Behar Needs A Good Spanking
Posted on 09.21.09 by Danny Glover @ 11:04 pm

People who believe spanking is “child abuse” make no sense when they try to defend that view. Witness Joy Behar on CNN:

Did you catch the inconsistency?

To justify her biblically incorrect argument that all spanking is child abuse, Behar played the emotionally charged, how-dare-you-spank-a-baby trump card: “Now what could a 1-year-old possibly do to deserve being spanked?” The implication is that children are too young to ever do anything worthy of “bruising physically or psychologically.”

But in the next breath, she perverted the famous Rene Descartes quote “I think; therefore, I am” to make a conflicting point about parent-child communication. She said parents need to “think” before they spank and lift their minds rather than their hands.

Come again? A 1-year-old is too young to be spanked but can “think” on the same level as Descartes? He or she can intellectually learn right from wrong? Talk about a disconnect from reality. It’s frightening to think that Behar used to be a school teacher.

Her radical views on spanking are consistent, in a wacky way, with her wild accusation that home-schooled children are “demented.” But that just means you can add Joy Behar to the list of reasons why we home-school.

As for discipline in the home, I’ll heed God’s Word rather than the rantings of an unhinged talk-show host.

The key is not to shun discipline altogether but to do it only when necessary, only out of love and never in haste.

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The WALnuts Don’t Fall Far From ACORN
Posted on 09.18.09 by Danny Glover @ 2:31 pm

The past week’s hullabaloo over videos that expose the liberal nonprofit ACORN agreeing to aid and abet underage prostitution, illegal immigration and more reminded me of another undercover expose right before the election last fall.

You wouldn’t have known it from the sparse media coverage, but ACORN was the subject of much controversy back then, too, just as it has been for years. So Jason Mattera, who works for the conservative Young America’s Foundation and as a video entertainer for the blog Hot Air, decided to have some fun at ACORN’s expense.

He hit the streets as a fictional representative for ACORN’s sister organization, WALNUT, and asked people to sign a petition so “oppressed classes” could vote more than once. Mattera’s video was supposed to be a spoof, but in hindsight, it’s almost prophetic. Prostitutes were among the oppressed classes whose rights he wanted to protect.

That tidbit is revealed in the first video. The meaning of WALNUT is disclosed in the second clip.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Mild language warning for both videos.]

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