Another Pledge Ruling: Here We Go Again
Posted on 09.14.05 by Danny Glover @ 5:11 pm

Another California judge has ruled that mandatory recitals of the Pledge of Allegiance in schools are unconstitutional. My view on the subject is the same as when I wrote the Prayer of Allegiance three-plus years ago, after Michael Newdow led another California court and the nation down this road.

But in light of this new decision, the message bears repeating: While the court’s action is a bad sign about the moral direction of this country, it has no impact whatsoever on true religion. Christianity is deeper than two words engraved on a coin or written into a pledge. Being “under God” demands more than just saying it or crying foul when others try to restrict where we can.

The battle probably will land back in the Supreme Court, and Judge John Roberts, a Catholic who is enduring confirmation hearings in the Senate this week, probably will preside over the case. I dare not guess how the justices of this land ultimately will rule.

But whatever they decide about the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States of America, this I know: I will continue to pray my allegiance to the God of all nations.

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La Shawn Barber says the pledge ruling is yet another good reason to start home-schooling. I agree. Our son is in first grade now, and he has the best teacher in the world: his mother. Our 3-year-old daughter also sits in on the classes and learns quite a bit. Every once in a while, I’m blessed with the opportunity to teach a class, too. I taught them about Columbus on Columbus Day last year; I love coins and jumped at the chance to teach them how to count money; and I gave our son a math test just a couple of weeks ago (he’s a whiz).

Hugh Hewitt says the decision “opens a door” to President Bush for his next Supreme Court nomination — namely giving him justification to pick Judge Michael McConnell, “one of the country’s leading experts on the religion clauses of the First Amendment.”

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