Churches Don’t Need Constitutions
Posted on 04.27.04 by Danny Glover @ 4:41 pm

Check out the bizarre story about the racial spat that is dividing the Rappahannock Indian Baptist Church not far from where we live in Virginia. The story is a bit confusing, but the part I keyed on is the fact that the church is appealing to its constitution to try to resolve the dispute.

Where does the Bible say anything about churches having constitutions? And where does it say anything about a troubled congregation getting professional counseling from an umbrella organization like the Dover Baptist Association? The Bible itself should be the only document that is used to guide church decisions and address religious conflicts. It’s time for churches to get back to the scriptural basics.

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Biblical Ignorance In ‘Blue America’
Posted on 04.27.04 by Danny Glover @ 4:37 pm

Today’s Washington Post story about a San Francisco family in “Blue America,” the nation’s liberal bastions of permissiveness, quotes two ladies’ disbelief that Jesus or his apostles ever would have condemned homosexual marriage.

But Jesus is God, and God condemned homosexuality. So did the apostle Paul in his role as a mouthpiece for God. They all speak with the same voice. It’s right there in the Bible. You can read and believe, or you can read and ignore. But the truth does not change just because men refuse to accept it.

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Misguided Religion In ‘Red America’
Posted on 04.26.04 by Danny Glover @ 4:29 pm

Today’s Washington Post features a story on “Red America,” the catchphrase used these days to describe the conservative, family-values slivers of the United States.

The intro on the front page describes a man from Sugar Land, Texas, as someone with “21 crosses in the main hallway” of his home and as a husband and father who “believes in God, prays daily and goes to church weekly.” Jump to the rest of the story on pages 8-9, and you see a man chugging beer with the boys at Hooters. You read about his “lovely drive home” after four beers. And then there is the anecdote about one of his teenage daughter’s watching “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”

That’s not quite the image the Bible paints of righteous living. True worship involves more than belief (even the demons believe and tremble, James 2:19), daily prayer and weekly church attendance — and it definitely does not include drunkenness (Gal. 5:21), frequenting restaurants whose mission is to encourage the ogling of well-endowed women (Matt. 5:28) or raising children in the nurture and admonition of Hollywood’s gratuitous violence and profanity.

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Are Journalists Afraid Of God?
Posted on 04.26.04 by Danny Glover @ 4:20 pm

That’s the question William Powers raises in his latest National Journal column, the anchor publication of the company where I work. “If you want to drive the political media crazy these days,” Powers writes, “mention God. They’ll immediately start acting strangely, running for the exits.”

The column focuses specifically on how the media fail to explore with any substance the role that President Bush’s religious faith plays in his policymaking decisions — particularly the decision to go to war with Iraq. Powers pinpoints three broad approaches to the subject: editing out references to faith, ignoring them and making them political.

I don’t know if his analysis is on the mark or not, but I do know that religion news does not often get the play it deserves. Most major media outlets pay attention only when Mel Gibson makes a movie or some atheist tries to push his anti-God agenda in the federal courts.

I am amazed at how frequently journalists let politicians on either side of an issue quote Scripture inaccurately or out of context without question. Good journalists should know the Bible, whether they believe what it says or not, and they should challenge public figures who use it wrongly for personal or political gain.

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The Ten Commandments On Display
Posted on 04.13.04 by Danny Glover @ 4:12 pm

A Kentucky man has found a novel way to bypass the constitutional debate over posting the Ten Commandments on government property: He paid big bucks to have the commandments carved into a 5,000-pound chunk of granite and firmly planted on his own property. The monument will be kept on an island in the middle of a pond on the 115-acre farm of Harold Baker, and it will be visible from U.S. Route 27. “This will stand for kids to see for generations,” Baker said.

I firmly believe that we Christians in America should focus our energies on writing God’s law on our hearts rather than on blocks of stone designed to make a political statement. Yet I have to admire a man who is willing to pay $10,000 out of his own pocket, and risk alienating a wife who wants central air and heat instead, to make a statement against liberal activism in the courts.

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